The A Train to Sedona

This is a beautiful time of year. We approach autumn although we’re officially in summer. I usually feel a little sad when summer ends. I love that people seem to move slower in this season. There are vacations, beach days; it’s brighter because the days are longer and the sun more intense.

I have some good news! On August 29, “The A Train to Sedona” was
officially launched. After a long gestational period, the memoir about my journey to love and compassion became available at retail outlets, and on my website. A nice summer gift, which I hope you’ll enjoy.

Here’s a blurb from the back cover:

“Move with me toward robust health by harnessing the power of love to heal. Join me as I embrace stillness, quiet, spiritual energy, and prayer, to balance my mind, body, and spirit. Accompany me as I choose love over fear, transforming negativity into the adventure of the spiritual path.
Embrace this thrilling discovery: you can learn by looking inward for your
connection to your highest wisdom; you can remember how powerful you are.”

If you’d like a copy, go to This takes you directly to Amazon for purchase. Or you can go to my website where there are several options for purchase, including a signed copy that I will mail directly to you.

Website information: and click on The A Train to Sedona page. You will find your three options for purchase.

The Time to Travel is Now. Join the Consciousness. Hop on Board!

Enjoy September…

Love, Peace & Light


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