Recently one Friday morning, it was 40 degrees in Brooklyn. I wore my down coat, which kept me warm. In the afternoon the temperature reached 57 degrees, and I shifted to a light jacket. I was adaptable and this is a helpful attitude and response to both the weather and life situations.

In the afternoon, I was in a grumpy mood because I couldn’t access my emails beyond a few days. Apple Care helped with the iPhone email account and referred me to Google for my computer email account. Technology is not my strong suit, and to make matters worse, I’m not adaptable in responding. I get scared, confused, and feel helpless in these situations where I’m called to read line after line of explanation. My eyes glaze over. I can’t do it!

What is a baby boomer to do? I reached out for help – to my nephew and to my sister who taught herself to be a computer consultant. They were ready to help! However, it was my brother who took me through the laborious steps – trial and error – that corrected the issue. We found that the emails were archived. I may have clicked on something…You know how that is. I was so grateful for my brother’s help.

Many of us have issues with the computer. At those times I feel alone In the presence of steel and circuits. The remedy for me is to reach out. It’s like having flesh and blood issues – reaching beyond myself to get someone’s perspective, getting their support. Receiving comfort and initiating conversation is shining light into the darkness! It’s a burst of sunshine, which feels like love… I’ll choose that…

Peace & Love,


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Linda Marsanico