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Linda Marsanico
Linda Marsanico

Why Intelligent People Do Stupid Things: Cracked Foundations, the Void & the Magic of Breathing

This is an article about loneliness, despair and the transformation to hope and choice!

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Reverse the Effects of Aging from a spiritual perspective. A Talk with Deepak Saini.

The A Train to Sedona
Linda.002.png Damain Andrews

Unconscious to Conscious - A Worthy Goal

Join Damian Andrews and me for this and other topics in this lively talk!


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David McLeod and I discuss The A Train to Sedona

jpg Sara Jane Nuggets - October 4, 2023
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Linda Marsanico

Balancing Career and Family as a Woman - My story as told to Emilio Ron

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David McLeod and I discuss The Enlightenment Journey

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Clarity Confidence Connection

Our Spiritual Journey is all about Us

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Damain Andrews and I discuss my new Book: The A Train To Sedona.


Science and Spirituality

Neo Positivity and I discuss science and spirituality



Join Sara Jane, Enolia and me for a conversation about love & compassion: Moving toward the light.