It’s been a while since I last wrote.  Not being in touch with you has been a kind of heartbreak as I feel a

commitment to my readers and enjoy the connection in sharing my thoughts. Please understand that my

creativity was “spent” on my search for a new home, and the subsequent renovation.

I’d been between homes, meaning that I was living with my sister for 14 months.  During this time, I

moved from my home of 18 years yet didn’t know where I would land, permanently.   I looked for an

apartment and finally closed on the property in late June of 2022.  Awaiting me was a New York City

renovation, replete with permissions from the Department of Buildings (DOB) and the group of agencies

that oversee this kind of project.

I had lots of support during this time: my sister, family, children, friends, an experienced contractor.  

Once we got going, the Board of Directors of the building approved my plans in two days. Bravo.  We

were off to DOB and Landmarks.

The renovation took just over 5 months.  Even though I am not a “shopper”I miraculously purchased

everything from a toilet paper holder and fan to lighting fixtures and appliances. Whew!  There was a lot

of research involved. This was one of the most stressful times ever…the pressure to research, choose

and order a multitude of items for my new refuge, and to pay for all of it…

On March 17, St. Patrick’s Day, I moved into my new space. My contractor’s men were still finishing up

some details as the movers brought in my earthly possessions, which were in storage for 14 months.

There were five or six men in the apartment. Come to think of it, I hadn’t had occasion to be surrounded

by so much masculine energy. They were competent and resourceful.

It struck me that I had lived simply during this interim – two suitcases, toiletries, and several boxes.  This

has been an important lesson, and I find myself letting go of furniture and other unneeded items. The

process of renovation is a privilege, which I don’t take for granted. I developed skills in its course, making

choices that are personal for me, creating a haven for myself. 

Let me share an adventure in my new home:

There are 55 units on 11 floors in my building.   One Thursday morning, I wanted to have a few hours to

relax – to prepare myself to make a “pitch” virtually to participate in Clarity, Confidence Connection

Conference (June2-3,2023).  The interview was at 11:00 a.m. with Candace, one of the three founding

members of the group.  Doing some laundry would be therapeutic: You know, the serenity of washing,

drying and folding clothes…

I took the clothes onto the elevator, putting the apartment keys into my blouse. As I placed the clothes on

the floor of the elevator cab, the keys fell from my blouse into the crack – where the cab meets the

building floor – falling down the shaft. The sound of the fall of the keys was like

the sound of a basketball, which doesn’t touch the rim, making a “swish” into the basket.  No clanging.

No interference. They were gone.  My car and house keys were engulfed somewhere in the pit. This was

not supposed to happen. My plan for a serene morning was in the pits (pun intended.)

My body began to go on alert.  My mind raced to inquire: Did I leave my door unlocked?  Did I have

another car and house key?  Yes, to both questions. Once this was determined, I felt relieved and began

to measure my breathing so that I would relax.  And I did!

The superintendent of the building reassured me that it was likely that the keys are in the “pit” and that

they would be retrieved during the next inspection of the conveyer.

I am happy to say that my “pitch” was on target – I was accepted as a speaker at the Clarity Confidence

Connection Summit.  It was Shakespeare who said that all is well that ends well.  Breathing and prayer

helped, together with the feeling of being connected and supported by those who care about me.  

I’m glad to be back and in touch…

Love & Peace,


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