We enjoyed a scrumptious lunch outdoors. Eating under the sun and being social warmed me in this Post-Covid (I hope) era. People seemed light and bright as they chatted between bites of food. I felt free after more than two years of confinement.

We walked to the beach. I was with one of my dearest friends, chatting easily as we walked in the sand and observed surfers, happy dogs with their guardians, sea gulls singing, and the glorious sun acting boldly in the sky, nurturing us. Conversation flows in a serene environment coupled with avid listening and speaking, and a focus on nature. The sun encouraged us forward.

Reluctantly we left the beach as I had to drive home. As we crossed the road, a woman yelled from her car, telling us that we looked beautiful in our hats. I felt that burst of love, which touched my heart. My friend didn’t hear the woman’s words but felt the energy of joy. Love. Joy. These are beautiful vibrations, another example of sharing love for a ripple effect. The woman’s words energized me.

A simple gesture has a long potential. This driver cared enough to verbalize her thoughts, she as a giver as we as receivers of her complimentary message. These simple acts are what move each of us, and the world toward peace, love, and compassion.

Speak to you soon…​

Peace & Love


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