Reflections on Confinement

The time goes slowly.

I’ve seen people wonder – what day is it?

Yet time flows so quickly

Moving through space as though on a super jet.

How do we pass the days during the Covid confinement?

We spend time reflecting

  • Zoom-ing
  • Phoning
  • Eating
  • Exercising
  • Letting go of fear

Sunlight produces longer days, yet the sun doesn’t reach my cheeks –

under the mask, which sometimes hurts my ears.

My hands are cleaner than they’ve ever been.

Caressed by cream, and dreams of health & freedom.

I forget to wear bracelets because I am mostly at home.

I give thanks for my shelter, food, love, my work, family, friends, and the air I breath…

For I could not live without these…

Yet I ponder…

What will the new normal look like as we round the corner of spring to summer?

I yearn for joyful surprise as this unfolds.

Joy, love & peace


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Linda Marsanico

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