An Open Communication to Quincy Jones, Lionel Ritchie, Jamie Foxx, Wyclef Jean…

and to producers: Randy Phillips, Peter Tortorici, Humberto Gattica & RedOne ~

Recorded 2.1.2010. Quincy Jones, Executive Producer; Lionel Ritchie, producer in collaboration with Executive Producer, Wyclef Jean, Randy Phillips, Peter Tortorici, Producer Humberto Gattica & RedOne; co-produced by Rickey Minor, Mervin Warren, Patti Austin. Academy Award Winning Director, Paul Haggis filmed the private recording session to create the video and was Film Director & Executive Producer with Jones, Ritchie, Jean, Phillips & Tortorici.


Billy Joel

“…the concrete jungle where dreams are made of…there’s nothing you can’t do…” Jay-Z, Alicia Keys*

I write about L O V E, and am reaching out to you, the artists, Lionel Ritchie, Jamie Foxx & Wyclef Jean, who sing and write about L O V E; Quincy Jones who produces the art for our screens.

For the last six years, I have blogged about love and compassion ( This week, I reviewed my prior essays, and came across “We Are The World For Africa” ( and “We Are The World For Haiti,” which I presented on November 21 & December 6, 2016 respectively (

The “heart and soul” demonstrated by these performers on your videos…rouses me to action for the Empire State of New York.

In your glorious composition, there are striking phrases:

“We are the world, connected by a common bond, LOVE…the whole planet singing along…

…every citizen pitching in…to make the world win.”

“We can’t go on, pretending day by day, that someone, somehow, will soon make a change.”

Your videos remind me that WE – in New York – ARE the children, and that Governor Cuomo needs our help to cover the costs of responding to the Covid-19 challenge. Yes, we need an infusion of cash.

Joel sang “A New York State of Mind” in tribute to 911 heroes, and we can sing it today for our new heroes – the essential workers who risk their lives every day, the citizens who are living paycheck-to-paycheck who now, have none; and the homeless who need integrated services. Our citizens need testing in labs – resources that are either not available or beyond the means of this sanctuary city.

I can envision a new video: We Are The World 19 for New York, a simulcast…

This has been said many times, many ways: Buddha (Just do), Steve Jobs (Do) The Black-Eyed Peas, “LET’S DO IT.”

Wishing you Peace & Love,

Linda Marsanico Ph.D.

Spiritual Coach


“Our spiritual journey is all about us.”

*New York State of Mind, definition: “Anything is possible. You have to be on the streets, meeting people, talking to random strangers, giving and taking.” (Google 2020)

**”It was so easy living day by day/Out of touch with the rhythm and blues/But now I need a little give and take/The New York Times, The Daily News,” written by Billy Joel, Universal Music Publishing Group, 1976)

***”Empire State of Mind” written by Angela Hunte & Janet ‘Jnay’ Sewell Ulepic, on the Roc Nation, LLC label, 2009

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