Are You Going to Open that Door?

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I was intrigued by a sign in my gym, which read: “Open Doors.” I had seen the placard

before, but It didn’t resonate until recently. How do I understand this phrase? Does it mean to

literally open a door for someone behind me, say, a child or elderly person, a mother or father with a baby in tow? I do this. The energy of compassion is created in these transactions as we partner in this positive energy…

Let me ask another question? Do I help others who are looking for an opportunity, say,

a new job experience, or housing, etc. This is networking or mentoring: the sharing of expertise, contacts or resources, which has the effect of moving someone forward in their life. Again, the energy of compassion is created here. I do this.

Let’s explore this concept further and discuss opening the door for myself. There is a truth

here. I need to have compassion for myself first. From this fulfilled position, I am able to show compassion to others. This concept also applies to opening doors for others AND me.

What do I do to gain entry? Knowing what I want to pursue is essential here. Reflecting and

meditating allow me to learn what is in my heart. Setting achievable, manageable,

actionable goals is important as well.

The next step is identifying what is emotionally standing in my way so that I can

push aside anything that holds me back from my objective. You know, the old beliefs, which

run in my head: I can’t do that. I’m afraid to do that. I don’t know how to do that.

What are the old beliefs, which stand in your way to open the door? What are you afraid of?

Again, reflection and meditation are helpful here. Moving through that fear is key. Again, the

energy of compassion is created here, because we are choosing love over fear.

Nelson Mandala said that when he was afraid, he acted boldly. Additionally, it has been said

that our dreams are on the other side of our fears. I would say that our successes are on the

other side of that threshold. I believe this wholeheartedly.

I am suggesting that you take action to walk through the door ~ in the direction of your

constructive desires. Be bold. Move fear aside and create the action that uplifts you, which

creates self-confidence, self-love and peace in the knowledge that you are on the way to

reaching your powerful self. I am working on this…

Now that’s a worthy goal.

I’ll speak to you again on March 2.

Peace and Love,


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