“Darkness Cannot Drive out Darkness. only Light Can Do That.” Martin Lu


Martin Luther King, Jr.

This post is a reprint from January 15, 2018. I love celebrating Dr. King’s birthday, as he is a courageous man who forged a non-violent path where there was none.

Here is the original poem in his honor…

The weather is frigid as I write

A Happy Birthday to the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Who did to us bring

Wisdom, love and kindness in his 39 years…

At present, I could allow myself

To become afraid and sad

That world events will turn bad.

But I keep calm in the joy of celebrating

Brother- and Sisterhood, as we are ONE,

All children of the same Creator…

I am grounded in faith and love,

Which allows me to fully believe that antagonism, too, shall pass,

Because as dark is illuminated by LIGHT,

Our VISION becomes BRIGHT.

We are able to co-create COHESION from the bumpy road of division.

LOVE is absolutely more powerful than its opposite…

Make no mistake: Hate is dark.

It is LOVE that will make America great…

I wish you peace and love,

I’ll speak to you on February 3rd.


PS: Do check out one of my favorite blog posts in the link below. It is an ambitious essay about Martin Luther King, Jr. from January 19, 2015. The Beatles’ video, where they sing happy birthday, is missing, yet the post includes two other videos of Dr. King…I hope you love it as much as I do.


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