A New Decade, a New Year

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Here we are at the dawn of a new decade; a year where two-digit numbers repeat themselves: 2020. It feels awesome to compare it to 20/20 vision. Will we strive for this clarity and take the opportunity for a new beginning?

Of course, choosing illumination is an individual decision, resting on the shoulders of each of us. Will we create a new path? The opposite is to stay in the groove of the old record. This is a decision too.

Choosing transparency is a very personal decision because it involves RISK. This is the choice to EVOLVE. If I’m honest with myself, I know the areas of possible change. I know where I can tweak or shift my attitude and behavior. I will need to go beyond my comfort zone…or usual behavioral responses to move forward in this way.

Let me be specific. I used to work non-stop, a habit I developed during a ten-year period when I was raising children and studying for my advanced degrees. I became very skilled at moving from one task to another, downplaying social commitments and fun as I relegated them to non-essential status. I was always busy and had no time to reflect. Prior to this habit, there was the influence of my parents who were hard-working. My mother was a first-generation immigrant. I grew up seeing Mom and Dad in constant motion.

During the last few years I’ve wanted more time for reflection, fun and the social:

A blend of work, rest, meditation (being present) and fun. I find that I must be vigilant in creating this rhythm because I can swing into fast mode as if it’s a second skin. Let me give you an example. In December, late for a class, I ran up the indoor, granite stairs of my gym, tripping and bruising my left leg just below the knee. The bruise was black and blue while the cut was deep. How the fall didn’t rip my workout pants I’ll never know. The bloodied wound is still healing, and the knee area hurts after all these weeks. This fall grabbed my attention and is a splendid reminder to: Slow down. Walk and step deliberately. Be mindful…

KNOWING that I want more of a rhythm in my life and ACCOMPLISHING this are two separate actions. I definitely want this change because it feels satisfying when I’m in the flow. And I know it’s healthier. The challenge is remembering to make decisions to implement this movement, to slow down, to be present.

Unlike a car where we shift gears from one, two, three and four, to power the vehicle, I need to remember to step back, remain in neutral, where the wisdom of spiritual life resides, to guide me toward appropriate decisions. This powers me in the strongest energetic way to take mindful action to create the highest possible road for myself.

Happy New Year to all…

Peace and love,

Speak to you on January 20th,


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