Joy Into the World


Hanukkah and Christmas almost converge this year,

Bringing many of us bundles of cheer,

Let’s get together to celebrate

Rather than commiserate

Over the political drama in this country (U.S.) and the world.

Rather than focus on the darkness, let’s focus on

The festival of lights, the vibe of exuberance

That beckons us.

Why not choose to be hopeful

That this planet will be healed?

Let’s focus on family, and the joys that come:

giving and receiving, sometimes with child-like fun.

We bake and broil and connect to the essential elements

Of what good friends and family savor: the priceless, intimate

Expression of love’s highest goal: giving to our self and others – from the H E A R T.

This is where happiness resides:

Keeping the balance of giving, receiving and gaining clarity

– this journey of trial and error in life.

With a sense of adventure, not strife,

We are lifted from the mundane

Into the world of possibility of what we can create and become.

We heal – and inspire others – to move in this exquisite direction.

Not to be compared to anyone but our self,

Let’s aim for fullness of mind and body and spirit…

For this light within us longs for its complement

In the earth and cosmos.

I wish you a Happy Christmas, Hanukkah, Diwali and Kwanza.

This is my last blogpost for 2019, returning on January 6th in the new year…

Peace and Love,


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