Across the Verrazano-A Two Borough Celebration

South Beach Boardwalk – Verrazano-Narrows Bridge .

by andyinnyc


I thought a poem would express

The nature of my happiness.

Having a birthday and Thanksgiving

In the same week – my cup runneth over.

Messages of regard abounded

As I strove to be grounded.

Texts and phone calls were the greeting,

The modern, technological meeting.

Love poured in like a delicious wine…

Happy Birthday to me.


On Turkey Day we prepared for 28,

A team effort created the food to sate

The appetites of those who ate

Delicious recipes from all

In a comfortable space.

This is a time of abundance.

Have it. Enjoy it. Share it.

Abundance is too splendid to keep

On a shelf

Or in a vault.

Shall we do a somersault

To create a momentum of

Love demonstrated to those who are

Not in our family, but who reside in

The greater collective?

I’ll copy that…

Be cozy at home during these shorter (daylight) days…

Speak to you on December 16th.

Peace and Love,



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