Photo taken by Linda Marsanico

He is dark and handsome with beautiful green eyes. The first time I met Rocky, a dark charcoal, adorable kitten, he scurried away from me. Since then he’s seen me on every visit with his guardian, my friend Jill. He’d take notice of me but allow no contact or proximity. Rocky kept his distance for about a year…

Last week I visited Jill and Rocky really took me in. He sniffed and looked intently at me.

Jill and I sat on her loveseat while Rocky sat on my side, on the back of this furniture. I gently touched his tail and he didn’t budge. This happened repeatedly.

How do we understand the change in this feline’s behavior? He’s older and Jill tells me that Rocky is more affectionate with her. One night he lay on her chest and was so still that Jill checked his breathing to make sure he was alive. I may be benefitting from his all-around, newly developed tenderness.

I also believe that I’ve earned his trust, something we build and earn with repeated, loving and kind interactions. In this process we learn who to bring close: those who will treat us with respect.

This happens in relationships; it takes time to know a person, to understand their intention, to allow them to earn trust. Rocky and I have hopped on the same vibe and he is opening his heart to me…

Enjoy these new weeks in November.

I’ll speak to you on November 18th.

Peace and love,


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