The Power of A Smile

Jaelyn in the Park

I’ve often written about the importance of a smile. A smile is a burst of sunshine.

A smile is a burst of love, which can have an impact on someone. It certainly has had an impact on me. Especially if I happen to be in a low mood. A smile just wraps around me like a hug. I can feel the energy of the smile, and I take it in.

Last week, coming home from work. I got off the train and saw the conductor. I waved, said “Hi,” and smiled at him. He was so taken with my friendly behavior.

He waved back. He waved several times, and said:

“Have a good evening.” He put a smile on my face and brightened my end of day.

Let’s not underestimate the power of a smile, the ripple effect it has in making change in other people’s lives. I want to encourage you to smile when you can.

Go – have an impact on someone. A smile is a beautiful act of kindness and love…

The energy can be felt by all of us in the collective…

Enjoy this beautiful month of October.

Speak to you on October 21st.

Peace and love,


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