Two Apologies – Let Me Explain

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I just returned from a trip to California, Arizona and Mexico. Visited family in Los Angeles and was treated royally. Hopped over to Sedona where I saw friends and my home.

One morning I meditated at Bell Rock, my favorite of the vortexes, and watched tourists take in the majestic red rock view.

Coming down from the ledge, I spied a man and woman walking separately. Their shirts were both striking, but of different, solid colors. One wore a bright orange and the other a bright pink. I asked the woman if they were together and she told me that it was none of my business. I apologized, saying that I was just being friendly.

Continuing on the descending path, I processed the rebuff without anger – with a questioning of my behavior. Was I too forward? Perhaps. I then had the thought (Was it a premonition?) that the woman would apologize. The man and woman, now walking as a couple, were behind me. The woman reached out to me, almost touching my elbow. She said that she was sorry; that I caught her at a “bad” moment. Of course, I accepted her kind words. We both smiled…

I believe that my compassion allowed the woman to review her reaction to me. She didn’t become defensive as I had been open to her response, and she had the freedom to reflect…

The second situation involves my travel home from Mexico. My visit at Ixtapan Spa was relaxing. I was pampered with massages, facials, reflexology, good food and more. Coming home on the red eye from Mexico City, I was exhausted and grumpy.

There was no more coddling at the airport, through security – you know, the face of travel today. I told the driver of the yellow cab that he was taking a longer way to get home. He protested. After settling into the ride, I realized that he did take a strategic route – and I apologized. He accepted my regrets and I felt that the situation returned to a peacefulness.

I saw both sides of “apology” on this trip. There is always so much to learn on the spiritual and literal path to and from the mountain…

C’est la vie…

We’ve now left summer behind to enter fall, a most beautiful season…Enjoy…

Speak to you on October 21st…

Peace and love,


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