The Car and The Truck

Garbage Truck by Outsanity Photos

It followed me as I turned the corner. Two huge, wide headlights, which looked like “eyes” made the right turn just after I did. It was after 10 p.m. and very dark when I made my way toward the garage.

My goal was to stop on the left of this street, to then back up and into my car stall, an unusual entry that I’ve never quite enjoyed in the 14 years of my residency in this covered carport. I stopped on the left as planned and opened the garage door with my remote. The private garbage truck stopped too. Only, as I backed up, the driver wouldn’t budge – to allow me the space I needed. I tried once more with the same result.

I had to get out of my car on the dark, quiet street. I felt intimidated as I readied myself, knowing that I needed to ask for the driver’s help. I reached past fear – into my heart – smiled and motioned to him. Through my speaking and gesturing he understood what I needed to do, and he backed up, giving me the required space. I felt such a relief. As he drove off, we waved goodbye like old friends who just completed a task…

I felt grateful for his cooperation, which reminded me that we have the ability to make space for the other, negotiating the many situations we encounter. We can make life easier, stretching to communicate and accommodate. As the driver and I demonstrated that evening: he became more flexible and I more compassionate, a most pragmatic transition.

This is an apt reminder that we depend on each other, daily, as we go about our day. We can accomplish this with grace and ease, which feels so much better than strife and conflict. Truly, compassion is an everyday experience. Copy that…

Enjoy beautiful summer.

I’ll speak to you on July 29.

Peace and Love.


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