A Torrent of Rain


As I write this, the sun is shining on a clear, crisp day. However,

we’ve had lots of rain during April and May in New York City.

This relentless precipitation reminds me of London, where I lived for a

few years.

Of course, the English know what to do when the skies are gray. They drink sherry in the late afternoon. Have High Tea.

Paint rooms bright colors. The idea is to create comfort, warmth and brightness, to lift the mood…

My challenge is to cultivate an inner light. How? I love walking in the rain, especially in and around Prospect Park,

speaking to a friend, reading a good book, having a hot cup of tea, being cozy in my office or home, going to the cinema.

I love the exchange of smiles from neighbors and passersby, because a smile is a burst of sunshine, which warms my

heart. Let’s remember that compassion is an everyday experience, and so we have many opportunities to share love…

Compassion brings me that inner spark that keeps me warm and joyful on a rainy day.

Enjoy the spring. It will be summer when I speak to you on June 24th.

Peace and Love,


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