The Tree that Vanished

Sakurahanam by Nick Kendrick.

A tree vanished. A few years ago, diagonally across the street from my home, there was a small and beautiful tree, which had a cascade of pink blossoms. Walking in the neighborhood, I would turn the corner to catch a glimpse of this delicate sapling. I felt bliss to gaze upon it. After a short while, the flowers gave way to green leaves. I missed the blossom’s brief appearance.

Well, trucks bumped the tree and pollution overtook it; the city replaced it, and this second attempt failed as well. Now we have an empty space.

Living in Brooklyn and life in general requires us to be adaptable, to let go when it’s necessary, to embrace beauty and abundance where we can find it. Nature sustains and nourishes us and it’s important to interact with it.

Prospect Park delights me, and I can find a similar tree in the park as I walk or ride my bike within the perimeter of this urban haven. I can embrace what is available and abundant, looking for what is beautiful and uplifting…

This attitude of wholeness enhances my appreciation of the good in life. I look to find the full spaces, for life has many of them…

Enjoy spring. I’ll speak to you on May 20th.

Peace and love,


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