Spring Arrives

Year of the Robins – Eggs Amongst the Purple-Blue Pansies. by Szoki Adams

https://www.flickr.com/photos/beauty is in the eye 2/6236201993/

Crocuses push their green stalks up through the dirt to announce the possibility of a new season. Their yellow or purple

blooms come next. Forsythia will arrive, in bright yellow, like a trumpet: toot, toot, toot, toot, announcing that spring is

here. The forsythia green then overtakes the yellow: A rite of passage. It’s with sadness that I say goodbye to that

breathtaking, yellow presence. It’s not that I don’t like the green. The yellow forsythia is like an infant child, with skin as

soft as peace fuzz. It lasts only for a while.

As I write this morning, Friday, March 22, the rain quenches the plants that delight us so, preparing the various flora.

This will be a sight for our eyes, which have seen the bleakness and cold of winter.

I feel hopeful this spring for projects that challenge my expression, confidence and skill. To prepare, I meditate, walk,

exercise and socialize… These nourish my mind, body and soul…

For novelty I’ve joined an improvisation class to enable my voice to dance in pretend scenes. My Toastmasters

membership provides a more formal speaking opportunity. Oh what fun I am having…

What are your hopes this spring? How do you prepare the ground of your sensibility? Might you begin something novel?

Spring is a time of possibility, growth, regeneration. Let’s enjoy its emotional and physical beauty…

I’ll speak with you on April 29. Enjoy the foliage…

Peace and love,


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