Demonstrations of Strength

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Have you ever been impressed seeing someone demonstrate either physical or emotional strength? Both are necessary for different reasons and at different times. Let me share two vignettes.

On my return from Sedona, I was boarding a Jet Blue aircraft. When travelling, I always ask a fellow passenger (usually a male) to help me hoist my carry-on bag into the overhead compartment. I don’t have the upper body strength to do it myself.

I turned around to see a young woman, maybe 19 years of age, and I asked her to help me. When we got to an available overhead compartment, she, refusing my help, easily grabbed the bag to slide it up and into place. In her able hands, the bag seemed light as a feather.

I was so impressed with her strength. At the end of the flight, I asked her again to help and she handily assisted me. Of course, I thanked her several times.

In the next story, I was driving in Grand Canyon Park, which was covered with ice and blanketed with snow. The first indication of difficulty was when my car skidded on the way to pay for entrance into the park. The entrance worker said that he wore cleats, and that we should be very careful. Noted, or so I thought.

Going about 10 mph, I made a left turn followed by a right turn. In the middle of the right turn, a large plow truck came up on my left side so that we were almost parallel. My car skidded – left – toward him. And so I drove into the skid, to the left. My car then skidded to the right, and so I drove into the skid to the right. I remember turning into the skid four times, I think, two times in each direction. I was deeply focused and unafraid. I must say I felt the hand of God directing me.

My two family members were silent as I successfully avoided the path of this huge vehicle. Later, they told me that the plow truck driver looked afraid, thinking he was going to be hit. I never saw his face, as I was in deep concentration to steady my vehicle into safety.

I reached for my emotional strength that afternoon, just as that young woman accessed her physical strength in hoisting my bag into place. I felt pleased and satisfied to have driven so well, and enjoyed feeling connected to that young woman, and my two family members who came through a near crisis with me.

February’s weather has been changeable. I’m embracing it, kind of going with the flow…

Stay warm and I’ll speak to you on March 25th.

Peace and love,


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