Do You Know the Sound of Your Internal Music?

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This is the first Monday in December, during the last weeks in autumn. I celebrated Thanksgiving and my birthday. Hanukkah, Christmas and the festivals of light are upon us. Winter approaches.

Have you had the experience of life taking over, being swept up in activities, a whirlwind? Well, this was my experience for the past couple of months as I was involved in an important family project. While it was essential and wonderful to participate in the joys of this group effort, I now realize that I miss the rhythm of writing and speaking, as my inner light is stoked here. Writing heals me because I must write. My written voice becomes palpable on the page, and audible in the speech. These are part of my heart’s purpose, my way of communicating…

I’m writing and speaking again, considering which articles to pitch, preparing for a talk at Toastmasters. I’m celebrating my personal flow. Do you know the experience of returning to self, to your intimate conversation? It’s essential: Becoming reacquainted with your multidimensional voice, which reaches to your soul.

On the physical plane, my home is cozy. I’m more disciplined in my eating habits. There’s been a transition and it’s now time to tweak my schedule to reflect my changed rhythm. I’ve just added a Pilates class to my workout plan and dropped one yoga class for another. It’s time to stretch and bend a little differently. I pay attention to this shift; otherwise life gets stale because the external activity doesn’t resonate with the internal pulse.

I’ve meditated, reflected and cultivated quiet, adding a touch of the social, of course. This has allowed me to hear the joyful, internal music that nourishes me and moves me forward.

I offer these warming thoughts as we circle into winter and embrace the cold…

Stay warm, and enjoy the festivals of light…Happy Hanukkah.

I’ll speak to you on December 31st.

Peace and Love,


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