Do You Have an Attitude?

you have an attitude of gratitude? This rhymes, you know, with “go with the flow.”

Both sayings are meaningful declarations of intention, which is an important decision for life’s journey…

When I am grateful, I focus on the glass being half full, choosing love over fear. I appreciate beauty in moments as in seeing a flower. Choosing joy in the aggregate creates a positive world-view.

Our focus produces our feelings. And the thought plus the feeling draws situations to us. I most certainly want to bring the positive into my life and so I put out this energy and similar energy is drawn in. In this way, we tango with Universe.

My perspective on a situation creates the feelings, which accompany the thought. This perspective is a combination of my childhood, adolescent, and ongoing experience. I get the opportunity to heal and work through unhappy memories through counseling and spiritual work so that I change the way I move through life. In this way I become more current: interactions can be processed as up-to-date involvements rather than reflections of past discomfort. I am able to react in a fresh way…this major shift is open to all who decide to do the work…

Another aspect to conscious creation is being present. Thich Nhat Hanh writes: “The future is being made out of the present, so the best way to take care of the future is to take care of the present moment.”

St. Germain states: “What you think and feel, you bring into form; where your thought is, there you are, for you are your consciousness, and what you meditate upon, you become” (“Unveiled Mysteries” Godfre Ray King, 1982, St. Germain Press).

I continue to do a lot of work on being present, and showing gratitude through savoring the days of spring, leading to summer; making the most of our beautiful weather and the relaxed pace of this season. It is in the moments that I feel a richness of experience because I do not have to go anywhere. Right here is sufficient, even spectacular – I notice and am grateful for health, a loving family, good friends, a wonderful career, for the calmness of nature, the differences of people, a smile from a passerby, the kindness of others, the innocence of children, the sound of the chirping birds, the scamper of chipmunks, the slow grace of cats, the loyalty of dogs…

Of course, at times, I look at what I don’t have, and take my abundance for granted: I want this. I want that. I’m unhappy about something. My book isn’t published. Here, I am off balance, losing touch with the alignment of mind/body/spirit and my Higher Self. I attract negative energy, which is quite powerful in this chaotic time. Since I don’t want to be pushed and pulled by this gloom, I reassess, bringing myself back to an attitude of gratitude. (Isn’t this a great rhyme?) And, I go with the flow of my potentiality, my consciousness. There is ease and support here…

I use simple mantras: I AM grateful, I AM safe (in this moment of abundance), I AM loved. I bring myself into a different center, that of balance and resilience of the NOW. I find the NOW to be clear, exciting and freeing. After all, the NOW leads us to infinity, Creator’s superhighway where all things are possible.

Often, at bedtime, I reflect on the day to remember 3 moments, interactions or achievements that I am grateful for. Someone recently told me that when she gets up in the morning, she looks for 10 things that are beautiful. In terms of an attitude of gratitude, how will you create these moments? I’d love to hear from you…do email me:

Speak to you on June 25th.

Peace & Light


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