Building Your Muscle in Technicolor

Meditation by atsukosmith

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My first experience with meditation was at a silent, weekend retreat, yet I let the experience go until many years later. There was a special moment when I closed my eyes in a thoughtful way, doing yoga at home, sitting on the wood floor of my living room. In that instant I knew that Universe surrounds me, and that we are all connected. In 2001, I joined a spiritual group where we meditated and chanted weekly, and then monthly…Meditation became a part of my life…

Meditation is a useful skill for getting out of my thinking mind, which gets exercised as a spiritual coach and psychologist, a mother, and citizen of the world. Meditation is like a power nap with a higher frequency, one that is blissful!

Developing this practice is like going to the gym to exercise your biceps. With repetitions over time, a “muscle” develops. I usually suggest starting with 2-3 minutes several times a week. This is an achievable and manageable goal, which builds the muscle of this type of concentration. The time can be increased to 5 minutes, and longer. Choose a goal of fifteen, twenty or thirty minutes, if it resonates with you. You’ll want to decide what feels appropriate for you. Everyone is unique.

I begin with closing my eyes and focusing on my breath, letting thoughts go without attachment or judgment. Ideally, my phones are turned off and I’m in a quiet place in my home or office. In meditation, I am poised to get in touch with multidimensional self: My physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. There is a shift to a quiet ocean of peace, waves of color, mostly deep blue for me.

This reminds me of Dorothy in the “Wizard of Oz,” where she makes the transition from an ordinary existence to Technicolor. She shifts into a different realm – of color and possibility, where solutions and adventure are found. Meditation rests and clears the mind. With intention we can reach into our Divine nature, which is our highest alignment and possibility…

Since developing my “muscle” it is easier for me to get into the meditative stance.

Meditation is a friend I can count on to restore me. It’s relaxing and supportive on my road to love, compassion and enlightenment. I am happy to share my version of it with you…

Enjoy meditating…

Peace and Light.

Speak to you in 3 weeks, June 11th


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