Are the Birds Happier in Spring?

Pink/Lavender Tree – Prospect Park Photo by LMarsanico

Spring has arrived in New York City, although at times, it’s felt like summer.

I’m not complaining. The weather has softened from winter, the chill that did not wish to leave us. I wore my down coat until the end of April, and I must say it’s a relief to shed the layers of clothing that protected me from wind and snow…

As I write, red and white geranium cuttings quietly announce themselves from their perch in a glass vase on my table. They are good company to delight my spirits on this early morning. A few days ago, I was inspired to trim these geraniums that had grown wildly on my inside ledge overlooking the garden. The mother plant is outside now in the fresh air, which will cherish its growth and blossoming.

Spring is an awesome season: We watch the crocuses emerge, the trees bud, the forsythia shift from yellow to green, the tulips boast their vivid colors. Days are longer and brighter as the sun is generous, nurturing flora and fauna. The sunshine envelops me.

Hope and possibility emerge in spring. Perhaps because of the warmth of the sun, the little buds, and the vision of new plants, which miraculously pop up from seeds, from their bulbs, or perennial capacity. Green is everywhere…the trees outside my home are laden with leaves and blossoms. The rear garden is resplendent with varying colors from lime to avocado, pink and yellow, which enchants us…Prospect Park boasts magnificent trees in lavender, pink, and that ever-present green…

In spring, are the birds happier? Do the squirrels romp more energetically? I think so…

Perhaps because spring feels like a gift from the heavens…

Enjoy spring…

Peace and Light,

Speak to you on May 21st.

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