Orange Is the New Red

Robin Red Breast – penny ghael2

It was March 12 at 42 degrees Fahrenheit, which felt much colder, even bone chilling,

because of the dampness. Walking near Grand Army Plaza on Prospect Park West in Brooklyn, I noticed that he pranced on two feet, emerging from the park.

Taking several hops at a time, he seemed interested in the loud- and fast-moving cars.

He listened to blaring horns, kind of mesmerized by the action. He then turned to me to show off the full sweep of his orange, yes, orange, not red breast. It looked like velvet, and I must say, I’ve never had such a frontal view of the robin orange breast. The orange extended from below his face, like a carpet running down his body.

I watched him for a few minutes, stopped in my tracks, shifting from my busy mind to the present moment. You know, the eternal moment where “all things are possible.”

Ram Dass says that the present moment brings us to infinity…two of my clients talked about the quantum moment…I’ve written about shifting into quantum-ness through music:

“And I don’t know whether others have written about our (through the synapses in our brain) quantum connection with music – I would say that psychedelic music (quantum music) opens our mind, and is our personal, transport vehicle to a magical, mystical, beautiful, vibrational, electromagnetic world…We don’t need drugs to do this…”

Read the complete blog post at“MAGIC-CARPET-RIDE”-an-example-of-QUANTUM-MUSIC

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Being in the moment lifts my experience to calm and clear. I’m ready to hear the universe speak to me or to delight in the wind against my face. Inspiration comes. It’s usually pretty subtle. I don’t want to miss it, yet thoughts intrude.

It’s human to have this challenge, I remind myself, and so why be self-critical. Once aware of the busy thoughts, I bring myself back to neutral, much like I do in a meditation. This is a discipline, which has value for a strong, spiritual mind that is linked to other possibilities…because we are multi-dimensional. We gain access to this potentiality through the stillness in our mind and heart…this expanded reality awaits us through the conscious control of the silent mind and open heart…

The prancing robin was a gift. The simplicity of nature grabbed me, providing a gentle nudge into the beauty of NOW…You’ll remember Dorothy in the “Wizard of Oz” moving from black and white into Technicolor ® as she enters her dream. She had a knock on the head, which allowed her to see color. My transformation was more delicate, yet the robin orange breast opened my eyes to peace, beauty and awe…

I am inspired to return to neutral, preparing to remain in the NOW moment as often as possible. I’m ready for the challenge…Orange is the new red…what do you think of that?

Speak to you on April 9th

Peace & Light


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