This Little Girl Is Too Cute

Jaelyn Laughing in the Park by Corie Howell

I walked home from yoga

In a snowfall,

My arms filled with mat and other stuff.

They walked past me.

A father had his toddler daughter

In a carrier against his torso.

He talked to her about

Getting up so early.

She and I had a moment

Where our eyes met.

The biggest smile – just short of a giggle –

Beamed at me.

This gift appeared in a fleeting moment

To warm & brighten this cold, dark morning.

A child’s luminous disposition

Reminds me of the sun

And the depth of love’s possibility,

The nurturance of connection

In the midst of starkness.

This frigid winter, and the political climate have challenged my positive mood and so I use many tools to remain in the light: meditation, mantra, prayer, gratitude, positive thinking and exercise. I reach out to friends and family. I’m open to laughter…

This little girl’s smile was a beacon of love, a burst of sunshine that I send to you this 12th day of February, to uplift our connection and to hold the light. We are connected as we move past distraction and illusion, remembering the goal to heal our self…

Let’s share the love, for love is real, and the connector of all. Children remind us of that…

I’ll speak to you on February 26th.

Peace and light,


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