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Neo and I agree

That in order to be

Manifesting and co-creating

You’ll need positive thoughts

And Intent…

“Thoughts and feelings are living, pulsating things” (St. Germain). And they create energy. So let’s use positive thoughts to create our present and future. This can change YOU and, yes, this can change the world…

Merlin urges us to playfully create our constructive desires with our magical wand. (“Your word is your wand.”) Yes, the power that we have to create is magical. Let’s use that magic to change the world.

Of course, we do the work of growing love and compassion for our-self, and this allows us clarity in thought and purpose: we produce our magical actions. We hold the thought of a constructive desire, thanking Creator for its arrival.

Demonstrating love and compassion in our daily interactions is a way of creating a third energy of spiritual solution…this is part of the magic of co-creation where the Holy Spirit uses this third energy to heal the earth’s grid. Let’s be part of this action…

In our chat about spirituality and science, Neo asks me about:

My childhood

The influences leading me to become a spiritual coach

The importance of the spiritual perspective

The importance of prayer, meditation and mantra as connection to Creator

The shift from duality to unification in the heart

The challenges in publishing my book

The importance of self-love, imagination and dealing with the ego

Neo Davila is a gifted host who allowed me to be comfortable to share my work and heartfelt thoughts. I thank him. You can find him on

I’m including the link for this conversation. Please copy, paste and put it in your browser, as I was unable to click on in directly.

This link will also be seen at the top of my website, and on YouTube once my assistant completes this project. Thanks, Jaime.

Speak to you on March 12th.

Peace and Light,


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