If You’re Afraid, Keep Going…What Harry Potter Teaches Us About the Unknown…

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Last December (12.19.16) I wrote a blogpost: “2016 – A Year Of Challenge.” Little did I know that I’d find the same title appropriate for 2017. I am happy to begin 2018 today, as I’ve felt moved by uncertainty last year…

I’m reminded of the invisible map given to Harry Potter. There Harry is, in a dark labyrinth. The map is blank until he makes a decision. Eureka. With this choice, the map lights up to guide him, to support him on his journey.

I understand from my spiritual community that the new metaphysical rules resemble J.K. Rowling’s creative and spiritual musings. Like Harry, there’s a lot for us to figure out on our own, yet once we decide a course of action, our guides are there to support us. I think of this evolution as a graduation. We’re being prepped to manifest and co-create with developing mastery.

Uncertainty. I’ve often said that when we’re afraid, we’re headed in the appropriate direction. When we face fear and transform it through constructive action, we grow into our skin, heading into our higher potentials. We face emotional discomfort, which transforms into an exciting adventure. We, like Harry, keep moving, propelled by curiosity and/or determination to learn more about our environment and ourselves. We take a risk and solve a mystery. We learn what we are capable of, how the world responds to us.

Faced with the unknown, we have the freedom to self-determine a response, pulling from internal AND external possibilities. Universal Energy matches our internal self. Yes, the Universal Energy is attracted to what we’ve created (from our thoughts and feelings) inside of us.

What are YOUR possibilities right now? Do you wish to redefine something about yourself? You could use the state of mindfulness or meditation to explore your constructive desires. You could then extract small, manageable, achievable goals to reach your vision of the person you wish to become. These would be small steps, which in the aggregate will produce desirable change.

In the magic of an “eleven” year – a master number (2+1+8=11), I borrow the words of Merlin to suggest that you use your wand to play and create well. Choose fun over fear, love over trepidation, and move in the direction of your higher potentials. Let’s create a thrilling

new year…

Speak to you on January 15th.

Peace and Light,


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