All of A Sudden, He Was in Front of Me…

Two F Trains Emmanual Nicolas Transit Photography

There was a morning more challenging than most.

My thoughts were undisciplined, I do not boast,

As I prepared wholesome food and

Primped for my long workday.

It was late when I left,

And so I power-walked three blocks

To underground transit,

Passing a tall man in a business coat.

I paid him no mind.

I paid him no cred.

Down the steps I sped

Into the interior of the subway.

All of a sudden, he was in front of me.

Not more than three feet. He slowed down…

And I was blocked from my fast pace – In a prance –

Had to reduce speed as if in a slow-motion dance.

The train came in.

Down the second set of stairs we chased.

Armed with his long legs, he barreled more quickly,

Reaching through the train doors as

They swiftly closed behind him.

In a flash, the F train captured him,

Leaving me on the platform

With my mouth and mind open

To my sense of humor, for protection,

For I chose comedy rather than wrath.

Luckily another chariot arrived three minutes later…

Saving me from further reflection at 7:30 a.m.…

Before food and herbal drink.

New York City Transit was superb that morning…

Speak to you on February 12th.

Peace and Light,


PS: Here are two prior posts involving my early-morning observations on New York City Transit:—New-York-City

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