What Do Merlin, King Arthur and Sedona Have in Common? …Magic!

Original photo by LeMarsanico “MERLIN” – JohnSoderberg, Sculptor

It’s been just over a year since my last Sedona visit. So many personal and professional responsibilities delayed me. The City of Sedona is magical, and so is my home, replete with meditative energy. Let me explain: Portals (openings to the other realms) were created during a healing and transformational session with Quan Yin and Laura Lizak earlier this year. Lower energies were cleared from the house as well as the vicinity, and replaced with higher-dimensional frequencies.

It feels comforting to be here again. I missed the ability to immerse myself in quiet contemplation. I wrote on twitter recently that when we are quiet we vibe with the voice of God. Let me add that we connect with the pulse of the heart beat and the music of creation…

A magnificent, bronze statue of Merlin by John Soderberg, a local sculptor (johnsoderberg.com), stands just steps from my home. Merlin is always present on my radar yet I had forgotten the brilliance of this figure until I walked past it yesterday afternoon to get some eggs, fruit and chocolate. (Yes, art and the ordinary are interspersed in Sedona.) I took this photo of my favorite magician whose wisdom guided King Arthur of England. I do suspect that it was the silent power of mind.body.spirit, meditative alignment (deeply focused intention) that allowed Arthur to lift the sword from the stone. This is the same principle employed by Yoda in teaching Luke Skywalker to develop the force.

Today, I celebrate the magic of possibility and creation. This sensibility lifts me from third dimensional stone to the frequencies that float around and through our bodies. There is a Native-American saying: Build roots into Mother Earth while you anchor to Father Sky. Being grounded is the necessary component in the ability to fly, to soar. You MUST have your feet on the ground (in other words, a strong, healthy/balanced ego) so that you can create and reach into your highest potentials…your dreams…

You are the force. Remember that this is who you are…

I’ll speak to you on November 27th…

Peace and Light,


PS: I hope you’ll enjoy this additional post about my favorite magician – date 7.27.13


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