This is why I love cold, brisk November!

It’s the 11th month, my favorite season and

Birthday moment!

As a baby I opened my eyes

To trees turning their leaves red and orange,

Colors I still favor.

Here I am, another year older – only in earth years of course,

Which I condense through love, healthy practice and exercise,

Reaching out beyond space.time into possibility,

To slow up (yes, not down) the aging process.

“What you can imagine you can create,” say the Buddhists!

How right they are!

November’s fall display is a harbinger –

A turn of the seasonal wheel, to winter.

Oh, but we have a few weeks until snow

And frosty winds arrive. I’ll get ready…

For now, my home is cozy,

So that in the darker hours

I find my hearth bright with light and love,

Expectation also,

As 17 blends into 18 in the 2,000 range,

Our NEW YEAR cometh.

The bird of time flies swiftly, more so than ever before…

I’ll speak to you on December 11th~

Light and Peace,


“Baby, you really shine” – Hammonton Photog. – Jessicadigiacomo

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