These Photos Will Make You Want To: Handcrafted jewelry from Brooklyn – authentic goods from West Africa

Jump in your car to come to Brooklyn. It’s closer than West Africa.

Take a ride on the subway, even though the trains run on a local schedule and it takes more time to get most places.

Visit the merchants’ websites. (See blog post, dated October 9th.)

Get out your camera to capture the bright colors of the worldly goods.

Get out your wallet to purchase an item as they are priced modestly…

Enjoy the festive energy of this world arcade…

What can I say? I’ve fallen in love with the Artisan Market on 7th Avenue between 1st and 2nd Streets in Park Slope, Brooklyn, USA.

I’ve been browsing for gift ideas for Christmas and Hanukkah…and I’m inspired by what is featured in this bazaar…

Once you’re in Park Slope, you’ll see beautiful architecture, many pleasant restaurants to dine in – you can rest your feet. Also, there are shops to purchase ice cream or a quick salad…Prospect Park is two blocks east…


Speak to you in three weeks on November 13th…

Peace and Light,


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