Ode to Summer

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My childhood self is sad to see August slip away.

The summer is more than half over:

Thoughts of school beckon –

Homework, the challenge of

Structure and higher-grade work…

As I write this morning from my window

I see various shades of green

In this paradise of color

With splashes of raspberry and violet,

A touch of red and yellow to titillate my eyes,

The original photo lens…

The slow breeze jostles this flora habitat

Into slow motion – peaceful to inhale.

Construction noise interrupts my reverie, bringing me

To the realization that work goes on even if I wish to


Fast-forward…today is the solar eclipse, a surprise in an orderly

Universe. I’m going to enjoy this and the rest of summer’s warm touch…

I’ll speak to you in three weeks – September 11.

Peace and light.


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