Are You Headed for The Kitchen?

FRUIT SALAD by Paul Saad

When I’m feeling afraid, the act of changing fear into love is a major challenge. Letting the fear go (it feels so compelling) to make space for love tests my mettle at many levels!

Changing fear into love creates a miracle (Marianne Williamson citing “A Course in Miracles”). I would say that the miracle occurs when we align ourselves – body, mind, and spirit with the most powerful vibration in the Universe, LOVE. Here, there is no resistance, no separation, and no duality. This space is said to be beyond time, and is quantum. What is “quantum” resides in the synapses of our brain, and in each cell of our body and so we are able to coincide with this wave!

We are also reminded that in the past thousands of years, humans learned through fear, but you can change this by developing structures of joy in the brain (Rick Hanson, Ph.D., “Hardwiring Happiness”). One example Hanson gives is to think of a joyful situation and hold the joyous thoughts in your mind for 5 seconds, 10 times a day. There are many examples in his book…

When faced with an interaction where someone disrespects you (or so it seems to you) you have an opportunity to step back and decide how you wish to behave. When you choose to move away from fear (anger is its identical twin), transcending into love, a new energy is created. This third energy benefits all of us (Kryon with Lee Carroll). Let me emphasize that when you are involved in an interaction or situation and choose a compassionate response, you move in the direction of love. If you fail, you’ll have many chances to practice generosity and move into alignment. This is the nature of your being here on earth: you are given many chances to learn about your true essence. Healing yourself, the most important reason for your being on earth, leads to self-love…

You have choices when you plan your response. If you choose to react from your heart, you will be choosing compassion rather than angst. With the heartfelt vibration, you are opting onto a new level of consciousness. This feeds the energy grid of the planet, which collects the critical mass of goodness!

Do you wonder where I am going with this? Toward integration, toward the light…

You’re more powerful when you embrace love because you can then access your multidimensional potentials, while you are in the flow of, and supported by the strongest vibration on earth, LOVE. You have joined the frequency, the party. You have placed yourself in the vicinity, the atmosphere where the action is, in the space of infinite abundance.

The kitchen is the ‘hub’ of the home. Families eat, communicate, and support one another. Remember to get into the kitchen of the Universe where stuff is cooked up and co-created to nourish the family. Here you are part of the conversation, and feel a sense of oneness. Because you opt into the quantum field beyond space and time you attract the miracles. Opportunities come to you as you move with ease…

All are invited into the kitchen, to participate in the conversation, and the abundance…

The quantum wave of love will bring you there…

I’ll speak to you on July 24th.

Peace and light,


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