If You Want Peace on Earth, Find the Peace Within…

Twigs by matsuyuki https://www.flickr.com/photos/matsuyuki/361473149

So Linda, you want peace on earth.

How will you give birth to such a lofty goal?

It seems too large…

Let’s break it down to the modest twig

That makes up the tree.

(Let’s include the many trees in the forests.)

If I want peace on earth

I’ll need to find the peace within.

You and I are the twigs.

We’ll need to look beyond

The worldly turbulence,

Which could rile us to

Anger or despair…

We’ll need to find that

Quiet place inside of us

And give attention to the

Unresolved conflicts. (This is a challenge.)

We can acknowledge, work through and heal these,

Letting go of what no longer serves.

We will be changed

By the resulting peace.

It is this clarity

That inspires acts of

Love and compassion…

The power of love creates miracles

And the millions of twigs become,

In the aggregate, forests of possibility…

Oh peaceful forests…inspire us…

My next blog will be in three weeks, June 5th.

Peace and light,


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