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It has been said that we do not journey toward peace; rather peace is the road, the attitude, and the intention. This is peace intimately felt. When we connect with peace in our soul it flows out into the world…

With peace as the focal point – in a prominent position – peaceful solutions can be realized. When we understand that there is no separation among people, that we are all in this together, we know what we share with others benefits the totality – all of us. On the other hand, with separation, we all suffer, as we cannot fulfill our deepest purpose, which is to heal our self.

Let me suggest that we awaken one other to appropriate thinking and action to achieve peace. How do we accomplish this? We can act as though it is our favorite holiday every day. (Now don’t laugh at me!) There’s magic in working together, giving and receiving with others.

Let’s talk about what is exciting, what we’d like to see in our world rather than discuss

Washingtonian politics. I’d like to connect with the peace in my soul. When enough of us take on this peaceful course, the energy grows; it builds with the ripple effect into a powerful momentum for change.

I keep up with the news but I don’t dwell on acrimonious details. I focus my thoughts by visualizing and thinking about my peaceful creations: transparency and integrity in government and the financial system, shared access to healthcare, affordable housing, education and opportunity. I’ll be supporting petitions and voting accordingly…

We can implement peace with action by talking about it with friends and supporting peaceful candidates. I meditate and visualize peace. Thoughts are energy and we can further transform this planet by joining the critical mass of like-minded people by stating what we want. Let’s work on this together, Let’s awaken each other and acknowledge that we’re in this together – there is no separation. Yes, we’re in this together. Let’s all benefit.

Let me share this quote regarding the power of group meditation: “There is far more evidence that group meditation can turn off war like a light switch than there is evidence that aspirin reduces headache pain.” (Quote from a John Hagelin video cited by Neale Donald Walsch “Conversations with God” Book 4)

With awakening to peace, we would share:

Communication rather than violence

Access to resources and opportunity

Quality healthcare, education, affordable housing

Clean water and food

The valuing of love and compassion

If you think this would be a powerful way to live, join me in connecting with peace in your soul…Let’s be part of the awakening…

I’ll speak with you on May 15th.

Peace and Light,


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