Somersault to Peace

Spin 919 Author Jah~

Some of you know I’ve

Written a book.

Publishers haven’t given it a look.

There is no smoothness in the flow.

This is a sure sign of poor timing.

I prayed and meditated to understand.

Why will no publisher take my brand?

Even though I asked for clarification

This was hard to hear:

The book will be published

But the time IS NOT NEAR.

Not to fear! There is other work for me to do.

I am to hold the light for peace in myself

And in the world: world peace through

Thoughts of peace, meditations of peace

And peaceful actions.

This will be my focus during the turbulence and uncertainty

Of the political climate.

My writing will continue to be about love and

Compassion for this is the family of peace.

I’ll speak to you on May 1.

Peace and light,


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