How Can You Turn Failure Into Lemonade? & “that’s All Folks.” ~bugs Bunny

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For my blog today

I strove to produce something new

Yet time flew…

My assistant was busy.

He had mountains of other stuff to do.

After all, he has a life…

There is so much to learn about a photo shoot:

To befriend the camera,

Tend to make-up and more…

I must confess and you may have guessed,

I planned to share a video today,

But it isn’t ready…

We’ll need more time…

I’ve often tweeted that I learn from failure.

This morning, it stares me in the face…

In showing compassion for Jaime and myself, I learned:

To step back

To assess

To face the truth

To slow the process

To have patience

To take action

To have a sense of humor

Uploading a half-finished video doesn’t please me.

I’m just, plain, not ready for press time today.

Affectionately borrowing a line from Bugs Bunny, I say: “That’s all folks.”

In Joy and Light,

Speak to you on March 20,


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