Pregnant with Possibility

Robin’s Egg Kasio69

I looked out my garden door and saw a robin red breast.

“A harbinger of spring?” was my first thought and question.

I was so surprised: She had the fullest body I’d ever seen in such a petite creature.

Was she pregnant with eggs (I lament my limited knowledge of birds.)?

Or with possibility?

The kind I have in my heart…

Spring lurks weeks away from my grasp.

Oh! Winter has its beauty: pristine, crisp air and snowflakes,

In the aggregate, – piled high into mounds of fluff

Requiring boots and shovels…

It’s cozy in the home with hot chocolate and, if you’re lucky,

A crackling fireplace…

Yes, I await the gentle breath of the robin’s promise,

And cherish the variability of the four seasons.

But, I choose the NOW, the present moment, enjoying the infinite and expanding nature of time beyond the concrete dimension we call 3rd!

Speak to you on March 6.

In Joy and Light,


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