In Order to Form a More Perfect Union…And I Don’t Mean Marriage

“We the People” by “Caveman Chuck” Coker via BY-ND

Happy New Year everyone! This is the first essay of this new phase, and I’m excited to share it. Well, this Italian, Russian, Romanian blogger invites you into the 4th year of her love and compassion website. Isn’t it great that this coincides with the arrival of 2-0-1-7, which equals 1? It is 2+0+1+7. We drop the zero of the 10 to get the 1: new beginnings in the science of numerology!

This new beginning will mean something to each of us, individually, and for the country and world as well…we are all here, sharing the earth’s resources.

Personally, I wish for my book to be published, and I continue to build my platform on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. I’m planning workshops. Publishers want to see numbers of readers interested in my writing…this sells books…

In the collective, I believe we have the opportunity to form and build structures of cooperation and collaboration…what do I mean by this? Marianne Williamson, the renowned speaker, author and activist, sees the new political movement as neither ‘left’ nor ‘right.’ People of different beliefs can come together. She understands politics in terms of the HEART: Let the heart move us forward to choose the path of appropriateness for this country. “Politics is sacred,” said Gandhi. Yes it is!

Doesn’t the United States philosophy say that our government is for the people, by the people? Yes it does! Doesn’t this mean that our government is in existence for us…WE the people of the United States? YES, our government exists for this purpose…

We give our leadership the authority to serve the men, women and children of this country. In governing, it is possible to think of the individual while keeping the collective in sight. This is the promise of balance…a holistic, heartfelt approach, which would require the men and women in congress (and in politics at the state and local levels) to walk across the isle, so to speak, to agree on what’s in the best interests of the people in the country, as we are all connected in an intimate agreement. Let me restate this: in order to serve and govern, we need to balance the needs of the individual (people in the 52 states) as well as the aggregate (the total union). No easy task. A model of compromise and collaboration is essential, coupled with a heartfelt agenda…

Williamson has organized SisterGiant on February 2-4 in Washington DC to inspire these values, to inspire the individual to get involved in this way…Let’s remember that creation is a feminine principle and that each man and woman has a feminine, receptive side. Each individual has the capacity to unify the masculine and feminine within – for a most perfect union of the personality and spirit. Creation is a beautiful activity available to ALL of us…when we are willing to look within and do the work of the spirit and HEART…internally and externally…this is the way forward…for the individual AND the aggregate…

The perfect union (Well, it doesn’t have to be really, perfect…just good enough to be balanced…) begins internally and extends outward. I’m up for it. Let’s begin the journey – together!

Speak to you on January 23rd!

In love and light,


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