Best Friends

Freunschaft – friendship Author – Jorbassa via BY-ND

Returned from Sedona at 6 o’clock this morning on Jet Blue…

It’s always hard to leave my sanctuary, my home in the West

Where there are friends, the red rocks and starry, starry nights…

A desert, high altitude, which is rich in wild life

But not in night life (clubbing, partying).

Existence there is simple yet profound.

My friends and I chat about possibilities,

Expanded notions of life, experiences, other realms,

Reaching into wisdom, transcending time and space.

Over 2-to 4-hour lunches, my friends make space

For me as I visit twice a year…we pick up where we left off…

Time seems suspended in the tranquility of peace…

I’ve come back to my New York friends and

Family where a special party is planned to celebrate my birthday.

I am truly blessed.

I will speak with you on November 21st.



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