M O v I N G with The S P E E D of F L O W

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Have you ever seen a squirrel run and jump along a railing? He looks like pure grace, a silent, musical acrobat…

Have you ever seen Mick Jagger prance about the stage with swagger and confidence? Yes, he’s got the moves…

Do you remember the Harlem Globetrotters, the awesomely talented basketball entertainers who moved, swayed and joked as they scored baskets from the opposite side of the court?

Basketball, one of my favorite sports, showcases skilled athletes, really dancers, engaging in the ballet of movement – moving through the air without resistance in a poetry of motion…better still…music…our universal language.

We too, can move in an energetic flow – if we are free enough…

When we remove the barriers created by our fears/defenses, we find ourselves in a state of E A S E . Once we’ve done the work – to remove the fears, we feel the music…the energy…the vibration of love…., which buoys us!

We m o v e along on the spiritual path, which involves our everyday business of interacting with others. When we cultivate love and compassion, there is c l a r i t y, which can be experienced as b l i s s.

I want to remind you: This is what awaits us: music – from the perspective of the universal language of l o v e…j o y…l i g h t…c l a r i t y…g r a c e

I am just reminding you of the j o y s that follow the work we do in seeking the light!

Enjoy the beginning of autumn…Speak to you on November 7th.



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