Life at 5 Miles per Hour

Ed Yourdon via BY-NC-SA

On Wednesday last week

Riding my bike

I swept through Prospect Park.

Lo and behold, I had created

Bicycle mindfulness!

My task was to pedal and center

And to keep my thoughts in the here and now…

Once done, I entered the realm

Of mindfulness at 5 miles per hour…Pow!

–A kind of take-out-breakfast-delight.

Bliss enveloped me

And then left, once thoughts of

Projects-to-be-completed cluttered my brain…

Steady, Linda. Come back to focus.

In the long meadow dogs ran free – off their leash

While their guardians chatted in “capisci”

(Italian word for understand)

The awesome trees spoke

With their transfer of oxygen

To my sensibility and “being.”

The experience was fun

As I rode under the sun

…The park before coffee.

As I simplified my brain

Thoughts of beauty and infinite variety

Made their refrain…

Now I can add “bicycling mindfulness”

To my repertoire of

Meditations: on the subway, in my chair,

On a cushion…

Now, on my bike…

I’ll speak to you on October 24th…



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