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“Meditation is a tool for creativity,” said one of my very talented clients. I tweet often that successful people meditate (@LMarsanico) and I now want to add that creative people utilize this amazing, eastern practice. Another successful client told me that a 10-minute meditation is better than a power nap. These are inspiring statements. What is it about meditation that is so helpful, relaxing and expansive to the creative process?

Meditation gets you through the chatter of the ego/mind. You know, the babble, the round and round chatter that can go on and on during your day…

When you first practice this skill, you acquire the ability to relax…the next goal is to get past your thinking mind, into the space of bliss and experience. Here, you get to explore the possibilities that linger in and around you…

The crown chakra (at the top of the head) is a direct link in your communication with Source…Yet anything that is not love clogs the connection like a superhighway narrowing down to a one-lane road. Spiritually there is love; anything else is F E A R… Yes, fear stands in the way of communication with the other realm! Some years ago, Stevie Wonder was asked how he wrote his songs. “God gives them to me,” he responded. Wonder has a direct link to Source…

How can you open up this connection? The most effective way I know is to face your fears. Acknowledge the fear and take action to work through the issues, which hold you back. Meet the fear head on by taking steps to slay the monster. For example, if you are afraid of public speaking, consider joining Toastmasters.

Here are further tips:

  1. Develop love and compassion for yourself.
  2. Face your fears (as mentioned above).
  3. Develop a meditation or mindfulness practice, e.g., daily for 2-3 minutes to start.


4. Spend time in nature: Gazing at flowers, birds and squirrels is inspiring.

Surround yourself with creative people:

Do you remember the late eighties’ show “Thirtysomething” where Michael and Elliot worked in an office equipped with toys? They threw a basketball to one another and developed ideas as they played in this creative environment.

  1. Celebrate the young, whimsical child within. Get to know and communicate with your genius…
  2. Use your imagination and fantasy to create ideas, and then goals…
  3. Be open to spontaneity.
  4. Develop Life.Work.Balance so that you have a flow in your regime.
  5. Physically exercise several times each week.

I have found joy in accessing my creativity. Just as a writer writes each day, remember to tune into your inner self, often…As in any practice, it takes time and patience to see results, and it’s so rewarding…

Speak to you on September 12th.



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