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Meditation and mantra are two practical activities. Meditation helps me relax as I clear my mind of thoughts while mantra helps me get focused when my mind is busy. This practice is a wonderful foundation for getting into emotional and spiritual shape, embracing mind/body/spirit alignment.


My first goal in MEDITATION is to get beyond the thinking mind. I feel so calm at this point. The second stage is to move beyond the cognitive to enter the realm of bliss and inner experience. What can I say about inner experience? I feel like I float into the realm of infinite possibility… My quiet mind becomes open to the surrounding universe, a state where I am poised to receive answers to my prayers. Here, the veil between me and the other realms is thin and permeable. I meditate daily, for differing amounts of time, anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes.


Mantra is the repetition of a word or phrase used to create a state of calm. I use mantra when my mind is too active, and I can’t turn the thoughts off. The words and energy of the MANTRA replace the clutter with a repeated phrase. In this process, the focus is on the melodic chant – to let go of the unwanted thoughts. The I AM phrase is a useful one, which electromagnetically connects us to our Higher Self. In fact, when I say: “I AM” I feel the connective, energetic charge. It’s so reassuring and uplifting. It’s like the love is flowing from my soul – and I embrace it well!

Often, the assertions I AM focused, I AM safe, I AM loved roll off my tongue as I take them from my toolkit as needed. You can create your own mantras, practice them and have them ready for use. When I’m in my dentist’s chair, I say: “I AM calm.” It works. A hypnotic feeling comes over me, and my reaction to the the dental work is Zen-like…


Meditation and mantra give me a respite from a world that pitches fastballs to challenge my compassion, joy and calm. With this practice, I am able to jump into the flow of the river…into the stream of consciousness where love is all there is.


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