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Is summer a magical season?

Its longer days and sun-filled sky…

A time for relaxation upon us…

What would a child say about summer?

I can run wild and free…

And celebrate the glory of being me…

When I ask my inner child,

There was glee having the summer to ‘be.’

I remember a 2-month vacation from school,

Trips to Alley Pond Park,

And Rockaway Beach with my family…

My mother and grandmother would cook.

To the beach, I didn’t take a book.

Into the water we went

Tumbling with the waves we spent

Ourselves to develop hunger

For a delicious Italian menu…

Yes, sitting in the sand eating Chicken Cacciatore.

Oh, simple summer.

Scenes of delight dance through my mind:

Water, food, family, and friends we find.

Now, I search for the simple, basic

Which is the most pleasing.

Even though I don’t currently swim,

The ease of summer has the sun gently touch my skin.

(Oh I use sunscreen…)

Less work and more play…

I will ponder with this seasonal repose,

An opportunity to stay close

To nature…

And so much that is restorative…

To the human spirit…

Speak to you on July 4th.



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