From Sapling to Beloved King Maple

I thought that I would never see

A tree that means so much to me…

Friend to my parents for many a year.

When they both passed in 2014, did it shed a tear?

From a young sapling it grew.

I hardly noticed.

But rear-yard neighbors knew

They couldn’t see through

To the lives inside this home!

This little maple became a King

With branches reaching up to the sky,

Creating the most wonderful, natural privacy

And a memory of 50+ years of their life

As husband and wife…

Over the years, little attention was given to tree care,

But recently it needs some tender loving repair

To a tear in its trunk

Where water has sunk.

We siblings are on it…

The tree doctors have proclaimed

It will be pruned and reshaped for strength.

Our maple will be healed and no longer maimed,

Or weighed down by errant branches – bent.

We’d like to see King Maple stretch out

For many years, without a doubt –

It is reminiscent of our parent’s love.

For memories and their spiritual presence

Are all we have now.

Mom and Dad, this living, breathing tree

Has us think of thee…

Speak to you on June 20th



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Linda Marsanico

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