Finding Gratitude

There is a season for most things. I am in Sedona where I have the space to contemplate, to meditate, to restore balance and calm in my work and personal life. The red rocks and blue sky are a feast for the eyes and soul.

In my last blog, I wrote about the challenges of computer and social media work – the stresses I experienced. I now ask questions of myself relating to priorities and staying in compassion – toward others and myself…I want to be able to hear the wisdom from guides and angels, to be in touch with the wonders of universe.

My process is to turn frustration and challenge into opportunity, giving myself the chance to know, to reset priorities. This alchemy creates a new energy, which benefits the planet and me. I’ve written before that as I constructively change myself, it lifts the vibe of the earth…we all benefit…

I’ve also written before about my strong work ethic that needs to be tamed and metabolized differently so that my life includes play, laughter, silliness, otherwise Linda becomes a dull girl…out of balance with her capacity to be grateful.

As I center and ground into my compassionate self, I am finding gratitude for my health, for the love of my family and friends, for my creator-given gifts, for the goal of peace on this earth, for my faith that comforts me in challenging times, for those I reach out to for help, for those who challenge me into compassion, for my coaching and counseling clients who allow me to joyfully pursue my soul’s mission, and for the publisher who will create excitement with me in publishing my book.

Thank you so much for following my blog…

Speak to you on March 14th.



Note: I made a mistake by filing this as a draft. It was not published on February 29th as the appropriate deadline. My apologies for its lateness.

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