Saturday, January 23rd- the Blizzard of 2016

I really didn’t know what to expect. Weather forecasters predicted heavy snow, but my outlook was, it’s a possibility, maybe it will blow east into the ocean and add to that massive body of water…I was looking forward to my dinner plans…

Most of us know that Washington D.C., Baltimore and New York City had approximately two feet of heaven-sent fluff…the stuff where children find delight and create play. The city of New York was shutdown: bridges and tunnels closed and the MTA stopped service. Non-emergency vehicles were prohibited. You get the picture…

This city-sleep offered a meditative opportunity that I’ve written about before:!WARMTH-AT-14-DEGREES-FAHRENHEIT/c1byv/89F418FA-


Photo: SimonLaroche_8!CHARLIE/c1byv/FEFABAD3-3DF6-4E38-AD2A-397C53A5F4BE

House bound, I cooked, read, spoke on the telephone, added to my social media campaign. (I could get addicted to twitter.) There was nowhere to go, no schedule to follow. I stretched into a zone of expanded time – all day relaxing in calm – what a rare gift.

The huge snowfall brought peace, once I surrendered to rescheduling my dinner plans. Giving into the reality of the continuing snowfall, I witnessed this powerful force floating down in individual, unique snowflakes… a metaphor…the way consciousness is comprised of individuals… the way the river is filled with tiny droplets of water…

Have you been delayed in the airport due to a late flight? Let’s remember that the same opportunity presents itself. We have nowhere to go, captive in what can be seen as an altered time zone. The airport ambience is not as pretty as mountains of snow; yet, we can see the airport delay as an opportunity, and expand into the luxury of the moment…

Ah, the zone…those moments…let’s create and play with them…

Speak to you on February 15.



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