Well how Do I Get There? to Love Myself, I Mean…

How do we develop a loving and compassionate self? (In psychological terms, we integrate the personality because the undeveloped ego limits us!) We prepare to know ourselves fully. (Of course, this is a process, which takes time, but with the intention to do so we are on our way.)

In this relentless pursuit of truth, (which I experience as a relief), we prepare to know ourselves internally – feelings, thoughts, emotions, memories, past experiences…and externally – how we react in the presence of others. This dual internal and external focus lasers our self knowledge …and unifies our personality on the road to self love…

Having said all of this, I am not suggesting that we dwell on the past. Rather, it is energetically efficient to use this information to acknowledge, work-though and heal any influences that do not work for us. As we let go of this saddle, we gain clarity, freedom and joy. We develop an ease of moving through our daily interactions, which become a flow…of experience…much as music that loses the staccato beat to become fluid and harmonious…

Let’s look at the first step in gaining clarity:

We become conscious of our thinking because what we focus on grows. We can step

back and pay attention to the thoughts that create our internal dialog.

Let me share an example of love vs. fear in our internal channel of communication:


I want a new job. I create the best possible situation for myself and imagine the perfect job. I do the work to distribute resumes, network with colleagues while visualizing the perfect situation. I send out a prayer of gratitude for receiving it THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE PERFECT JOB. [The prayer is a combination of thought, feeling and emotion – Braden, “Isaiah Effect,” Harmony Books, Random House, NY. 2000]



I want a new job. I’ll have to take the next job that is offered to me because no other opportunity will come along. I’ll have to settle. Oh, I never get what I want. I feel so stuck and unhappy. I share these negative thoughts with friends.

LET’S REVIEW both of these choices because we send out ‘vibrational tonalities’ (a term coined by Rev. Michael Beckwith) to attract similar energy, following the law of attraction.

When we choose LOVE we broadcast ‘tonalities’ that are spectacular, vibes that attract the energy of high possibility so that we fulfill our passion.

When we choose FEAR, we send out ‘tonalities’ that are dim, which attract a darker energy for a less fulfilling outcome.

Many visionaries have said that we are the sum of our choices. If this is true, we will

want to decide carefully how we use energy to attract situations that support our highest


My observation is that we are working to love ourselves more, increasing our energetic vibration, by removing the blocks to our power and potential. This process increases both the inner and outer vibration of love on this earth…the dense energy becomes lighter because the vibration increases as we replace negativity with compassion. Love, with its twin sister, compassion, is THE energy. This combined power radiates from the heart, going hand in hand as the good feeling we experience internally as well as express in our daily interactions. This is the ripple effect in action (Check out my blog dated 5.19.13 https://lindamarsanico.com/#!THE-RIPPLE-EFFECT/c1byv/5AFA19AB-6AF7-426C-841A-


Hope you are enjoying October as I am. It’s one of my favorite months…

Speak to you on November 2nd.


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